Wilson Blade Countervail Racquets


The latest update to the Wilson Blade family not only features a sleek minimalist matte black and green graphic update but four of the six new models include a new technology called Countervail. Integrated into the Blade frame, Countervail is a material concept designed to maximize energy transfer, reducing muscle fatigue and recovery time. If it’s good enough for NASA (used to maximize energy efficiency during flight), why not apply some of the benefits to tennis racquets! Integrated into the carbon fiber layup of the frame, Countervail is designed to allow the player to expend less energy while maintaining the feel of the classic Blade design.
Blade 98 (both 16×19 + 18×20 string patterns) and 98S keep specifications nearly identical to previous generations. All new specification is now offered in the Blade SW104 Autograph – Serena’s first signature model, complete with 10.4 oz. Strung weight and a 28-inch length. These models also benefit from Countervail technology. Additional model updates include a freshening of the Blade 104 and Blade 98L, ideal for transitioning junior players or those seeking a lighter weight feel.
Wilson has kept true to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage. These updates to the Blade family should keep the most diehard Blade aficionados satisfied, and maybe even grab some attention away from other competitors in this space.


Roger Federer’s New Pro Staff RF97 Racquet Preview

The next generation of Roger Federer’s Pro Staff is almost here (coming Fall 2016). Co-designed by Federer himself, the Autograph takes the classic specification of his current racquet to an entire new aesthetic height. Offering a sleek, engineered black graphic with textures of matte black velvet, chrome and laser engraving this is definitely one of the most compelling (if not understated) racquet cosmetics ever offered. This Racquet plays as great as it looks, assuming you are able to play with a 12.5 ounce frame. All specs remain the same from the previous generation— good news! Timeless, classic, understated— the Pro Staff RF97 is a true reflection of Federer himself. ThePro Staff RF97 will be available at MidwestSports.com this September!

If you just can’t wait until Fall, to update your racquet, check out our full line of Wilson racquets here.

adidas Barricade 2016 Alexander The Great Tennis Shoe

Looking to make a bold statement on the court this spring? Well, you’re in luck with the new Limited Edition 2016 “Alexander The Great” Barricade Boost tennis shoes. Designed with power and strength in mind, the iconic barricade and boost technologies are finally linking together to give the historic Barricade it’s most stable, comfortable and sleek iteration of this shoe to date.

The design of this shoe was inspired by one of the greatest military generals this world has ever seen, Alexander The Great. One of the unique things about Alexander was his eye color, it was said that he had one dark eye and one light eye, therefore adidas decided to make each shoe a different color to commemorate this unique look. The shoe color difference isn’t the only cool thing about this limited edition shoe, the Lion and Sun symbols on the shoe represent Alexander’s Macedonian heritage. “Toi Kratistoi” known as “To the Strongest” is written in the insole of the shoe to commemorate Alexander’s response to whom will inherit his kingdom. The unique laser cut patterns at the upper of the shoe represent the historic weapon the “sarissa” spear which helped Alexander’s Army conquer the Persian Empire and build one of the greatest empires of all time.

Conquer your opponents on the court in the new Limited Edition Alexander the Great Barricade shoe!


Apparel Piece of February

The apparel piece of the month, for the month of February is the scallop skirt by Lucky in Love. It comes in many different prints and solids. This skirt is very flattering on the hips and the fit is fantastic. It is a 13″ length skirt with very comfortable undershorts attached. The Lucky in Love tennis apparel line is very popular with competitive league players as well as junior competitors. The newest fashion lines and their everyday core basics can be found here at Midwest Sports.


CB104-015955 CB104-034955 CB104-035955



Athletic DNA

Midwest Sports recently started carrying a line called “Athletic DNA”. I’m in love with a men’s crew shirt called “match crew”. It comes in two colors, black and white, that each feature a bright all over graffiti print. It is made with a performance fabric that helps to keep you cool and dry. You are sure to be noticed on court when wearing this bold graphic shirt.

This Athletic DNA shirt will be worn on court by some of the highest ranked junior USTA players in the country. It can be purchased in our retail store at Midwest Sports or online at www.midwestsports.com.


adidas Barricade 2015 Great Wall Shoe

Walls are part of every Tennis players life. We use them, we play with them, we overcome them. With the new Barricade Wallpack, adidas is paying tribute to those walls. Inspired by some of the most famous walls on earth, this shoe pays tribute to the Great Wall of China with bamboo-inspired print and red color pops meaning luck and happiness in Chinese culture. The shoe combines a supportive midfoot with a more flexible forefoot for unrestrictive movement as you play, plus full-length Adiprene cushioning. Check out the latest addition of the Barricade Wall pack at Midwest Sports!


Women’s Apparel Piece of the Month

My favorite apparel piece this month is the Fila platinum asymmetrical tank. It is a platinum stretch jersey material with THERMOCOOL fabric. It comes in two colors, with my favorite being the printed black and teal space dye. The asymmetrical lines at the bottom of the top are very flattering on a woman’s hips, while the racerback style enhances the shoulders. This Fila line is worn on court by Jelena Jankovic. It can be found at midwestsports.com.




NYC Nike Court Collection

The evening before the U.S. Open kicked off, Nike Tennis’ biggest stars recreated the brand’s infamous “NYC Street Tennis” commercial, commemorating their classic “street” theme from the mid-90’s featuring tennis greats, Pete Sampras & Andre Agassi.

Sampras & Agassi joined the likes of Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams & other Nike Tennis athletes as they took the streets & hit some balls around, engaging with the crowd and obviously promoting their new line. In honor of the event & the past history between Nike & the U.S. Open, Nike has decided to release an NYC Court Collection with an array of tanks, t-shirts & jackets with Nike’s court logo located on all of the apparel pieces. Nike offers the look you want for the courts featuring the always comfortable Dri-FIT material. Find the latest Nike Court Collection gear with us at Midwest Sports!